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Our Mission

TechNocRacy’s mission is to sell world-class products, strategies and solutions to its target markets, applying the principles of integrity, supplier loyalty and efficient customer support and retention. TechNocRacy’s vision is to be the leading provider and integrator of Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre, Communication / Network and Mobile Data Centre and Open Source Software solutions.

who we are image 22Who We Are

TechNocRacy CC, founded in 1997, specialises in the suppling and installation of turnkey Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre, Mobile Centre infrastructure solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers a well-designed and installed….

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corporate profile image 22Corporate Profile

Quality management is the underlying strength of TechNocRacy and the company’s supplier base has been built and nurtured around this.TechNocRacy offers the skills, hardware, software and services to enable any business to increase its ability to share knowledge and information, including the…

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products and services image 22Products & Services

We pride ourselves on providing quality services in support of our products and solutions. Our service personnel receive ongoing technical product training as well as training in service methodology in order to meet the highest possible standards. We respond rapidly to call outs to ensure….

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Why Choose Us

Our Experience

Our team has extensive experience in the related industries. We continually seek to provide reliable products, cutting edge technology and solutions at competitive prices with specific emphasis on differentiation through outstanding solutions, services, support and quality.

Benefits of engaging with TechNocRacy
  • Expertise

    Through a strong skill’s development program and continued research, we ensure that all our staff is up to date with all the trends and developments in our fields of expertise. We ensure that this knowledge is utilised to our clients advantage.

  • Integrity

    This is one of our core values from inception. By continuously strengthening and uplifting this value with our staff, we are able to ensure that business integrity is always maintained when dealing with our customers.

  • Quality

    This is another core value from inception. By continuously training our staff we are able to ensure that quality solutions and services is rendered at all times.

  • Service

    TechNocRacy prides itself in giving exceptional service with management involvement with each customer and addressing any issues that may arise.

  • Reliability

    We pride ourselves in being reliable in our commitments.

  • Proactivity

    We pride ourselves in being proactive in all our service offering with all our clients.

  • Flexibility
    Flexibility is essential to achieve our client’s objectives.  
  • Innovation

    We pride ourselves in being innovative so that we can provide customised solutions, which our competitors abandon.

  • Complete task/project on time and within budget

    We pride ourselves by being within budget – the client does not have any nasty surprises on addition cost on providing the signed off, scope of work. We pride ourselves; if we have not costed the signed off, scope of work correctly, we at TechNocRacy will carry the cost to make up the shortfall.

  • Guarantee working solution on the first take

    TechNocRacy prides itself in providing a functional and a stable solution to all our clients.

  • We solve client’s complex problems in our area of expertise
    We pride ourselves in proving working solutions, where others walk away!  
  • Relationship

    We are not just a business of providing services and solutions we regard our association with our customers as an ongoing relationship that lasts, this relationship is turned into a business partner relationship, thus extending beyond the life of any installation.

  • Value

    Return on investment. – One must also take into account that any solution provided, must have at lease a 99,00% up time, from date and time of handover. We are proud in having supplied solutions that have a record of 99.99% uptime, and endure to maintain that standard. Keeping in mind unscheduled down time is a very costly exercise!

Solutions Approach

TechNocRacy’s technology offering supports its clients’ business strategies. To achieve this, an active integration role is recommended, and the approach to this is as follows:

  • TechNocRacy provides technology solutions that encompass and support international trends, in addition to addressing the client’s expectations. These solutions will continually offer and apply technology components to enhance operational efficiencies nationwide.
  • TechNocRacy facilitates the integration of solutions with the platform selected for the client’s requirements.
  • TechNocRacy continually approaches and questions the technology applied so that the client can, at any time during the process, re-evaluate the offering and to discuss any necessary changes.

It is the reality of having a supplier-client relationship where we “walk the road together” that is critical to a mutually successful and sincere relationship. It is following this philosophy that has enabled TechNocRacy to be an active and well-respected company within the dynamic information technology arena since 1997.

TechNocRacy offers turnkey solutions addressing the following:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Consultancy.
  • Design - Conceptual and Detailed Engineering.
  • Construction & Commissioning.
  • Facilities Management - Maintenance Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Migration - Relocation of Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre.
  • Remote Management of Computer Room Facilities on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Thermodynamic Services.

TechNocRacy’s clients have access to the spectrum of best-of-breed engineers, technicians and technology offerings.

Relation For Life

TechNocRacy is not just a business of providing services and solutions, we regard our association with our customers as an ongoing relationship that lasts, and even extends beyond the life of any installation.

Quality Standards

We work with the following standards;

  • SABS-South African Bureau of Standard.

  • UL-Underwriters Laboratory.

  • ULC-Underwriters Laboratory of Canada.

  • BS-British Standards.