cctv image 1TechNocRacy are specialist installers of both traditional CCTV and the latest IP digital CCTV camera surveillance systems.

CCTV cameras can be overt or covert, indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, and all have their own individual characteristics enabling you to choose a tailor-made solution for your particular circumstances.

Wired Digital IP Camera Systems

A growing branch in CCTV is internet protocol cameras (IP cameras). IP cameras use the Internet Protocol (IP) used by most Local Area Networks (LANs) to transmit video across data networks in digital form.

IP can optionally be transmitted across the public internet, allowing users to view their camera(s) through any internet connection available through a computer or a 3G phone.

For professional or public infrastructure security applications, IP video is restricted to within a private network or VPN.

Wireless Digital CCTV Camera Systems

cctv image 2Wireless CCTV has a number of benefits over the traditional wired design. When used in the correct environment, it can be very quick to deploy and can be easily adapted to suit the specific requirements.

Wireless surveillance solutions can help to reduce the total cost of installation. As part of our service, TechNocRacy can provide a wireless site survey which will identify if this latest technology is suitable for your requirements.

Wired Day & Night Vision CCTV Cameras

TechNocRacy offer a range of CCTV cameras designed to meet the needs of any operating environment. Choose from internal or external cameras with day and/or night vision.

Facial Recognition System

Is a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected facial features from the image and a facial database.

Digital Video Recorder

The latest technology offers you high quality Digital Video Recorder [DVR] recording systems, which can be networked together across multiple sites. Each DVR can be individually controlled from a single point on the network, and allows the viewer to watch both live and historic CCTV footage via a secure Internet connection.

User Remote Access and Monitoring

A major advantage in using digital surveillance system is that it allows users the ability to view their cameras from anywhere in the world using the internet. The system can be setup to alert the user when a certain event occurs (such as movement in a restricted area during night hours).

The alert can be in the form of an e-mail or a SMS text message to a mobile phone. We are experienced in the installation and maintenance of both large and small CCTV systems capable of providing your site with a sophisticated monitoring system.

Digital CCTV Surveillance, Monitoring & Recording
cctv image 3

Gone are the days of CCTV images being recorded onto a video cassette recorder. Using the latest digital technology, our CCTV systems record real-time images directly onto digital servers ensuring the picture quality is maintained at the highest possible levels.

Multiple cameras can be recorded in real-time with automatic motion detection alerts can be generated and routed via the internet to alert a central monitoring station or delegated security officer.


Why TechNocRacy?
  1. Fast, friendly and reliable service.cctv image 4
  2. Experienced and fully trained design engineers are equipped with the latest, cutting edge knowledge; this forms the essential ingredients to your CCTV INSTALLATION package.
  3. Experienced and fully trained installation technicians.
  4. Many years experience installing both analogue and digital CCTV systems.
  5. Extensive knowledge of computer and IP (Internet Protocol) implementations.
  6. We install CCTV systems to the highest standard and the best quality, giving our customers the security and peace of mind they require.

Please contact us and tell us about your project. Give us the opportunity and we’ll provide you with the justification you need, to convince your management to take the next step – for TechNocRacy to be your preferred service provider.