Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

coporate profile imageQuality management, guaranteed functional solutions, projects completed on or before schedule date, projects completed within budget, is the underlying strength of TechNocRacy and the company’s supplier base has been built and nurtured around this.

TechNocRacy offers the skills, hardware, software and services to enable any business to increase its ability to share knowledge and information, including the incorporation of new knowledge systems with legacy systems, thereby growing revenues and outclassing competition.

Indeed, TechNocRacy has been providing Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre, Communication Centre and Mobile Centre technology-based products and services, within our clients’ hierarchy of needs and enterprise functions, since 1997.

Integrated Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre, Communication Centre and Mobile Centre based solutions to an increasing range of corporate, and government clients are provided along the principles that the company operates as a strategic, long-term business partner assisting entities to grow through using our holistic quality functional solutions and services.

TechNocRacy’s success can be attributed to its strategy of adding value to the sales process; a client-centric approach to application of the consultative and distribution systems deployed; and long-standing, effective relationships with both product and service suppliers.

All levels of TechNocRacy’s interaction and involvement in deploying a solution afford its client base the security of having a solid and reliable business partner relationship.