Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator Set: – Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre.

diesel generator image 1With today’s 24×7 operations mean, protection against, protracted main’s failure is extremely essential.

From initial sizing to planning and environmental issues, our design team will specify the most suitable solution and can offer turnkey packages for all plant room and outdoor applications using open, canopied and containerised sets capable of meeting even the most demanding installations. With automatic transfer/change over control system.

We take full responsibility for all aspects of the installation including planning, structural, acoustic, airflow and exhaust considerations, bulk fuel tanks, offloading, electrical work, installation and ongoing maintenance. Our project teams have all the experience you need.

Standby or Prime Diesel Generators.

For the relevant application, one has to determine if the generator set required will be a standby or prime power unit. Simply stated, prime power diesel generator set is required when you have no other source of power, whereas standby diesel generator set is a backup to normal utility power.

Critical Grade Diesel Generators.

diesel generator image 2Critical grade diesel generators can be used where reliability and noise levels are critical to the availability of power. They can be paralleled with separate fuel supplies and parallel switchgear so that there is minimal chance for failure. In this configuration, if one diesel generator goes down the other diesel generator will continue, without interruption. Critical grade diesel generator’s sets are used by the military as well as in mission critical application situation where availability and reliability are extremely important.

Auto Manual Transfer Switches.

Manual and automatic transfer switches are used for emergency or planned back up. What they do is provide a fail-safe method of separating the utility company from the back up generator. Sometimes called a double throw transfer switch because there is a neutral position that disengages between the utility and generator position. The main difference between an auto transfer switch and a manual transfer switch is the Auto transfer switch will automatically switch over and automatically signals the generator to start in the event of an electric grid failure. Many auto transfer switches also have an exercise/test mode that will start your generator at programmed intervals (auto test) to assure it will be ready in the event of an emergency.

diesel generator image 3

Technocracy understands the critical power requirement within mission critical facilities, such as Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre. Our approach to quality solutions will provide your company with the best practices for increasing availability of power to your centre for optimum up time.

Please contact us and tell us about your project. Give us the opportunity and we’ll provide you with the justification you need, to convince your management to take the next step – for TechNocRacy to be your preferred service provider.