Electrical Infrastructure

Electrical Infrastructure.
electrical infrastructure image 1Installation design methodology.

Today’s Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre houses mission critical equipment. Any downtime in any one of these centres can cost you millions of Rands.

TechNocRacy offers cost effective Power Engineering Design and Solutions to minimise downtime and maximise PROFITS.

Our design and implantation has demonstrated a 100% integrity, thus a 100% up time, and because of this minimal downtime, it has benefits our existing client by reducing expenses and increasing up time and PROFITS. We can also provide this quality of service to YOU.

Listing of power demands

The study of a proposed electrical installation requires an adequate understanding of all governing rules and regulations. The total power demand can be calculated from the data relative to the location and power of each load, together with the knowledge of the operating modes (steady state demand, starting conditions, non simultaneous operation, etc.).

From these data, the power required from the supply source and (where appropriate) the number of sources necessary for an adequate supply to the installation is readily obtained.

Local information regarding tariff structures is also required to allow the best choice of connection arrangement to the power-supply network, e.g. at medium voltage or low voltage level.

Electrical Distribution architecture

The whole installation distribution network is studied as a complete system. A selection guide is proposed for determination of the most suitable architecture. MV/LV main distribution and LV power distribution levels are covered.

electrical infrastructure image 2Neutral earthing arrangements are chosen according to local regulations, constraints related to the power-supply, and to the type of loads.

The distribution equipment (panel boards, switchgears, circuit connections, etc.) is determined from building plans and from the location and grouping of loads. The type of premises and allocation can influence their immunity to external disturbances.

Distribution switchboards differ according to the kind of application and the design principle adopted. The deployment of the following switchboards; Emergency Power, UPS Power, Clean Power and Normal Power.

A combination of the different power supply architecture is deployed in the centre.

Protection against electric shocks

The earthing system (TT, IT or TN) having to be determined for the Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre, then the appropriate protective devices are to be implemented in order to achieve protection against hazard, either from direct or indirect contact.

Reactive Energy

The power factor correction within electrical installations is to be carried out locally, globally or as a combination of both methods, thus improving energy efficacy. This problem can be resolved with the correct selection and sizing of corrective equipment.

electrical infrastructure image 3Lightning protection

Direct and/or indirect lightning strike/s at a distance of several kilometres can damage electrical equipment in Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre.

The section and implementation of the correct lightning protection device is pertinent to the overall protection of the equipment in the centre, thus achieving a 100% availability of the centre.

Surge & Brown Out protection

Over voltage surges, under voltage sages and transients can also damage electrical equipment in Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre. In most cases the damage is not immediate, but it is, the being of electrical equipment failure. This problem can be resolved with the correct selection and sizing of protection equipment.


Harmonics in the electrical network affect the quality of energy and are generated at the origin of many overloaded disturbances and is also induces by vibrations in not maintained electrical motors, just to mention a few problem causes. This harmonics accelerate the aging of all electrical and electronic equipment, thus inducing intermittent problems with all electrical and electronic equipment. This problem can be resolved with the correct selection and sizing of corrective equipment.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Some basic rules must be followed in order to ensure Electromagnetic compatibility. Non-compliance of these rules will have serious consequences in the operation of the electrical installation; i.e. corrupted data, disturbance of communication systems, nuisance tripping of protection devices, and even destruction of sensitive devices. This problem can be resolved with the correct selection and sizing of corrective & protective equipment.

Energy efficiency in electrical distribution

Implementation of measuring devices with an adequate communication system within the electrical installation can produce high benefits for the end user and/or owner of the property. Which can aid in reducing power consumption, reducing cost of energy, better utilisation of the electrical equipment and better selection of new and/or replacement electrical equipment.

Renewable Energy – A green & economical energy source

We have implemented renewable energy source for Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre.These energy sources are, Solar Energy and Wind Turbine Energy.The implementation of Renewable Energy as the primary power source, and Municipal Grid as the secondary power source, and not forgetting Emergency Power source [generator set], thus when the primary and secondary power is not available, than, the Emergency Power, takes care of the power requirement for the centre.

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