Migration: – Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre.

migration imageWhen it comes too, migrating your Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre, careful, systematic planning is the key to success.

Many companies’ likes to do migration on their own, but result in an ineffective and poorly planned migration, which can have a profound impact on business operations. This can result in significant lost of revenue, extended disruption of service and additional expense.

TechNocRacy’s Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre migration, bring together years of combined industry experience, straightforward strategies and cost effective solutions. We have the required expertise to ensure that your migration is a success.

In delivering our Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre migration services, we:

    1. Combine strong execution capabilities with deep industry insights and business process expertise to deliver fast migration results, with minimal risk and impact to business operations.
    2. Provide highly skilled personal in Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre technologies to help you execute a seamless transition, thus meeting your service level agreements to the business.
    3. Leverage our alliances with leading hardware and software vendors to ensure ongoing support of your IT infrastructure, wherever it may be located.
    4. Pre-design relocation project cost estimating.
    5. Organization of the IT equipment migration project team/s.migration image 2
    6. Identification and cataloguing of all equipment within IT spaces.
    7. Production of project drawings, schedules, meeting documentation and other documentation for distribution to all teams.
    8. Participation in design and construction meetings.
    9. Organization and coordination of the equipment migration meetings.
    10. Maintenance of the equipment database and drawings.
    11. Monitoring of the building construction schedule against planned events.
    12. Coordination of the installation of voice and data circuits from the carriers.
    13. Supervision of the physical relocation of all equipment.

Please contact us and tell us about your project. Give us the opportunity and we’ll provide you with the justification you need, to convince your management to take the next step – for TechNocRacy to be your preferred service provider.