Modular Data Centres

Modular Data Centers – Container Based.

modular data centre image 1TechNocRacy offers a compelling alternative to augment or replace traditional brick-and-mortar data centers, as they relate to deployment of servers, networking and storage. Modular Data Centers [MDC] is a self-contained, fully portable data center module featuring extreme server and storage density with highly efficient cooling and easy serviceability.

Designed to reduce Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre costs, deployment times and maintenance, TechNocRacy Modular Data Centers is ideal for organisations looking to maximise TCO and easily expand their existing data centers, provide for disaster recovery or completely eliminate the need for expensive raised floor new data center construction. TechNocRacy Modular Data Centers can be deployed in almost any location, and features self-contained cooling and power distribution technologies.

The Modular Data Centers are container based data centers. They are an effective and fast way to implement extra capacity for current Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre that have run out of space and/or cooling. The Modular Data Centers are an effective way to increase the capacity of your existing Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre infrastructure in a rapid and cost effective manner. In addition the Modular Data Centers are an excellent way to deploy Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre in remote or temporary locations.

Currently the most compelling reason to deploy a Modular Data Center may be the energy savings and reducing carbon footprint, involved when deploying these energy efficient systems. The ability to save energy in the Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre equates to a direct operational cost savings.

TechNocRacy’s Modular Data Centers are vendor neutral container based Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre that offer a lot of flexibility, as it will be very easy to deploy individual containers designed to meet specific needs in terms of power and cooling densities, equipment types, and location demands which is harder to do in large traditional centers. In addition, these Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre afford the flexibility for global enterprises with a large amount of equipment at multiple locations to configure containers from a central location and then deploy them around the world.

The scalability of Modular Data Centers is an advantage over traditional data center space as it allows enterprises with multiple data centers to move capacity between the data centers as required. The deployment time of expanding a facility is much shorter when compared with a traditional data center. Data Centers can take about a year to design, build and make operational. TechNocRacy’s Modular Data Centers can be operational in two months.

Container Based – Modular Data Centremodular data centre image 2

Our Container Based Data Centers are heavy duty highly secure modular technical rooms built inside a rugged, standardised steel freight container and are designed for outdoor applications. These Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre provide unique fire and thermal resistance, anti-vandalism, blast protection and water tightness. These container based vendor neutral data centers are a highly versatile, mobile solution ideal for mission critical telecom, IT, and network applications where high performance of servers, switches, and other computing and communications platforms is demanded.

Rapid Deployment of Systems

The containerised Modular Data Centers enables delivery of systems pre-cabled and tested at the rack level.

TechNocRacy’s Containers Meets Today’s Operating Challenges.

1. Flexible Modular Data Center for multiple configurations.

2. Open, non-proprietary IT architecture.modular data centre image 3

3. Reliability, 99%+ availability.

4. Energy efficient.

5. Scalable modules.

6. Transportable anywhere/anyplace in the shortest time line for rapid deployment.

TechNocRacy’s Containers Meets Today’s Design Objectives.

1. Modular, repeatable design.

2. Reuse MDC locally, regionally and worldwide.

3. Scalable capacity planning.

4. Reduce over-providing data center space.

5. Just in time data center deployment.

Business Benefits

1. Reduce cost with lowering “CapEx/OpEx”.

2. Save time with deployment ease.

3. Manage growth with greater agility. The modular architecture allows customers to add data center capacity only as their business requires, so costs related to over-provisioning are eliminated.

4. Mitigate risk with a locked down environment.

5. Due to its transportability, customers no longer need to budget for real estate acquisitions, construction and/or landlord approval, so funds can be spent on more strategic IT projects.

6. Increased competitiveness from faster TTM.modular data centre image 4

7. Flexible, convenient lease financing options.

IT Benefits

1. Improve performance with predictable operations.

2. Consolidate IT resources to reduce stranded assets.

3. Reduce complexity of operating non-standard data centers and or non-standard Modular Data Center.

The Difference

modular data centre image 5TechNocRacy Modular Data Centers are offered as a full service solution. From Consultation, Design, Load Testing and Deployment, our team of engineers, account executives and project managers are with you throughout the process. It is the goal of our team, to not only bring your Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre project in on time and within budget but, to make the entire process as smooth and seem less as possible.

In summary, TechNocRacy containers are a natural evolution to eco-friendly Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre & Communication Centre solutions; it is extremely energy efficient, completely recyclable, and consumes no valuable real estate.

Technical Specifications

Container Level Specifications Dimensions.

6 meters [l] x 2,4 meters [w] x 2,8 meters [h].

12 meters [l] x 2,4 meters [w] x 2,8 meters [h].

Please contact us and tell us about your project. Give us the opportunity and we’ll provide you with the justification you need, to convince your management to take the next step – for TechNocRacy to be your preferred service provider.