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3.1. Existing Centres.

3.2. Power Consumption.

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4.1. New Centres.

4.2. Upgrade Existing Centres.

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Software [New Offering]

1. Our Technology sptechnocracy products & servicesam can be broadly divided into two categories:

Open Source.

Microsoft technologies.

2. Open Source technologies consists of

Ruby on Rails (ROR).

Personal Home Page (PHP).

3. Microsoft Technologies consists of


Share Point Services.

4. Database Consists of


SQL Server.

5. Outsourced Application Development

Open Source methodology, we understand what is required to design and develop cost effective, efficient and scalable solutions for our clients.

6. Bespoke Development

Bespoke development also known as Custom software development,

7. CRM

CRM offers you a complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Inventory activities in a single system.

8. Intranet

S-Connect Intranet was built with two principles in mind Productivity and Connectivity. S-Connect helps employees collaborate on business processes such as product development or order fulfilment, which creates value for your company and your customers.

9. Data Warehousing

10. Enterprise Application Integration

Companies need to integrate the various IT systems they have amassed over the years. Enabling these systems to share data consistently and execute new business processes has traditionally been difficult and costly.

11. Mobile Application

We have vast experience in mobile apps development with exposure in different technologies to serve individual and enterprises at global level. Developing customised solutions for a wide range of wireless and mobile technologies including the following Operating Systems: Pocket PC, Tablet PC and the Palm.

12. Software Integration Services

We have tremendous experience and capability in integrating, executing, modifying and customizing a wide array of third party tools and application software to the target systems.

13. Third Party Software Integration Services

In a world where there are popular and sophisticated third party products and services readily available, there is no need to undertake the complete development cycle again.