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It is a community – made up of technology and personnel – that represents and supports an organisation’s collective knowledge and culture. It generates new opportunities for collaboration, productivity and reduction in paper cost from moving processes online and puts users in control of their data.

Sconnect is built on an award winning content management system (CMS) – “Joomla”.

“Joomla” is an open source solution widely used to power websites and online applications. Ease-of-use, extensibility and easy availability of tools for customization are advantages of “Joomla”.



5 reasons why Your Company needs an Intranet:

The Intranet distributes information faster throughout an organization and greatly enhances the decision-making process.

It is an open-architecture, robust solution for employees to gain better access to more time-sensitive information.

Setting up and administering Intranets is inexpensive and cost-effective.

Intranets are cross platform and scalable.

Intranets facilitate building and sharing of knowledge through a universal interface